Looking at a students painting from the "Develop your own Paintings e-course" where we discuss the approach and how to get the results that she wants. Coming soon an expanded version with continuing education for those that have already enrolled.

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Keep it simple using the same concept as the shadows and highlight on the rocks, this time we will apply it into Foot prints in the Sand.


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When it comes to this painting style as many of you have found, it's not always as easy as it looks. I'll share a secret with you, much of it has to do with the drawing, materials you're using and the real magic happens in the brushstroke and since this looser painting style is more subjective to the artist, you will find that this course is a little different than many of my others.

Go at your own Pace "The Joy of Painting Loose & Free"

What students say:

"Loving this class even though it is very challenging! The worksheets have been a helpful addition and I've already ordered a tube of paint and brushes from the link you sent. I never dreamed an online class could be so helpful. Thanks for all your help. You've made this journey amazing." Lisa Oliver

"I was so surprised I was able to paint it without a drawing. It’s so different -Love this style of painting. As you said it’s gives use more chance to be creative." Margaret Murphy

"I am a long time fan of yours. I have been painting in watercolor consistently for about ten years and for a long time I have been struggling with “loosening up” my work and not painting every detail. Finally, thanks to you, something has switched on in my artist brain and I am finally beginning to “get it.” You have no idea how excited I am. Thank you so much!!!!! Annie Glacken

"I find Birgit's online school offers many extra advantages: working at my own pace, ability to repeat lessons as many times as I like (with lifetime access), plus the interaction with other students and Birgit during the class session (and beyond via Facebook). They all provide easy access to those who have physical limitations that prevent sitting/standing for extended time periods, or who cannot travel well for any number of reasons. Thanks, Birgit! Can you tell I am excited to be back early?" Sue Warnock 

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Part 1 of painting loose and Free

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How to get past feeling stuck, find your creativity and remove obstacles. Sometimes you just don't feel like painting, or life events get in the way, or maybe you're just afraid of making a mistake and ruining a piece of paper. So how can we get past that get you started again? 

Technique and skill always improve with practice, and most often you need to make those mistakes so you can learn from them. Let's talk about some options to get that creativity going again.


Magic paper

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Today we are meeting with some students to go over their paintings, talk about shadows, value and placement along with a demonstration.

For more information about the full course go to Rocks Sand & Sea Glass e-course

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Jane's Ultimate Mixing Set - now available from Daniel Smith :

Jane: "I have often been asked what colours I recommend for people to buy to get started in watercolour or to upgrade to artist quality watercolours so I created this palette to address that question. It is intended as a universal palette, suitable for any subject. It is also suitable for anyone from a beginner to an experienced artist. It is rather a Goldilocks palette - not so few colours that you have to spend the whole time mixing everything together, nor so many that you lose track of what you have and how to mix them. Too many colours in a painting leads to a lack of colour harmony. 

My goal was to find single pigment colours that would mix together efficiently so that most colours could be produced by mixing just two pigments. Many people find that if they mix too many pigments, they end up creating 'mud'. With this set, generally two, but at most three colours may be needed to create any hue you want. The palette colours are also useful alone. The set is painted out using Daniel Smith professional watercolours. Alternative brands are given below. 

The Ultimate Mixing Palette is not intended as a limited palette but as a basic set to work with. You only need to buy 14 tubes of paint. You may wish to buy other colours for convenience, or you may choose to create you own custom-mixes of convenience colours with these original tubes by making up an orange or a purple or some greens if you work with them a lot. You should find you can make pretty much any hue you choose. " More info 


Janes Book

Janes Grey 

New watercolors from Poland that Jane is trying Roman Szmal Aquarius watercolours 

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A fantastic idea of making a downloadable low commitment print on Etsy to create a passive income, how to find a image to paint and entering a show 

Inspired by one of my students on how to paint footprints in the snow

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Join me in the studio as we review the upcoming content for the Rocks Sand & Sea Glass course, get some tips and techniques along with a very simple exercise  that you can do at home.

Student offer view and enroll 

See the upcoming online schedule


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