Today we are meeting with some students to go over their paintings, talk about shadows, value and placement along with a demonstration.

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Jane's Ultimate Mixing Set - now available from Daniel Smith :

Jane: "I have often been asked what colours I recommend for people to buy to get started in watercolour or to upgrade to artist quality watercolours so I created this palette to address that question. It is intended as a universal palette, suitable for any subject. It is also suitable for anyone from a beginner to an experienced artist. It is rather a Goldilocks palette - not so few colours that you have to spend the whole time mixing everything together, nor so many that you lose track of what you have and how to mix them. Too many colours in a painting leads to a lack of colour harmony. 

My goal was to find single pigment colours that would mix together efficiently so that most colours could be produced by mixing just two pigments. Many people find that if they mix too many pigments, they end up creating 'mud'. With this set, generally two, but at most three colours may be needed to create any hue you want. The palette colours are also useful alone. The set is painted out using Daniel Smith professional watercolours. Alternative brands are given below. 

The Ultimate Mixing Palette is not intended as a limited palette but as a basic set to work with. You only need to buy 14 tubes of paint. You may wish to buy other colours for convenience, or you may choose to create you own custom-mixes of convenience colours with these original tubes by making up an orange or a purple or some greens if you work with them a lot. You should find you can make pretty much any hue you choose. " More info 


Janes Book

Janes Grey 

New watercolors from Poland that Jane is trying Roman Szmal Aquarius watercolours 

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A fantastic idea of making a downloadable low commitment print on Etsy to create a passive income, how to find a image to paint and entering a show 

Inspired by one of my students on how to paint footprints in the snow

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Join me in the studio as we review the upcoming content for the Rocks Sand & Sea Glass course, get some tips and techniques along with a very simple exercise  that you can do at home.

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Continuing the conversation with students about instagram, facebook, Pintrest, do you really need a website and should you enter shows. What are judges looking for how to find them and more.

Video: Review paintings and demonstration

Meet a few of the students, see what you can do to make paintings have a little more depth and watch a demonstration on how to build color intensity.

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Join me as I interview one of my previous students Eva Nicholas about her journey, who has gone on to enter shows, travel and teach and show her work in galleries
YouTube Channel: Eva Nichols Art
Contact information
Eva Stramer Nichols
16127 Wellington Way
Truckee, CA 96161

Video Podcast From the Waves, Water Land & Sea course I'd like to give you a peek inside, learn about brush strokes and problem solving

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Remember that creative blocks are temporary

Can you identify your creative block - how long has it been?

What are some of the things that are  happening in your life right now?

What does you inner critic say?

Does the fear of failure prevent you from getting started?

Who are you afraid of being rejected by?

Are you aware or can you tell when creativity flows through you?

Do you have a creative routine - what is it?

Do you do negative self talk - what do you tell yourself?

How to break those creative blocks

How would approach those blocks if you were a different artist?

Does the blank paper paralyze you - what can you do about it?


  • Get out and get a new perspective
  • Try painting something else
  • Do you give yourself permission to explore
  • Look for patterns
  • Try painting by temperature
  • Give yourself a deadline, anything that forces you to be creative
  • Think about these times as a gestation time
  • Try not to be so serious, have some fun, and write down your ideas.

Do you think you don’t have the time to be creative, how can you create the time?

When are you going to show up?

Dates & times:

Brainstorm - write down ideas no matter how silly or grand it is

Keep it fun - Happy Painting


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